Resin Flooring International (RFI) was originally known as Resin Flooring Network, a platform established in 2016 for the resin flooring community to help “train, promote and improve” resin flooring industry. 

The first big step in this goal was taken soon after with the drafting of a common framework to make global specification, training, standards and best practices possible. In late 2018, this framework was approved as the basis for the Certificate III in Flooring Technology (Resin) - the first-ever resin flooring qualification recognised by the Australian Federal Government.  

Ultimately, it is hoped the efforts of Resin Flooring International and contributing members can lead to the establishment of local resin flooring associations around the world, working together to professionalise the industry.  

In the meantime, the platform is continually looking for ways to improve the resin flooring industry and support all the contractors, manufacturers, specifiers and consumers that belong to it.  

If you believe in a better resin flooring industry and want to get involved, please get contact Resin Flooring International today!

How the Resin Flooring International supports you:

Assisting Suppliers

We assist manufacturers, re-sellers and distributors by providing an international framework that enables clear and consistent promotion of the resin flooring industry. 

Assisting Contractors

We assist resin flooring contractors reach their full potential through better training and assessment. In some countries this will be recognised as a trade qualification. 

Assisting Specifiers

We help architects, engineers and designers to produce the right specifications for their projects. 

Assisting Consumers

We provide information to help consumers understand what their options are when wanting a resin floor.