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A decorative resin floor in a commercial reception area.

The Five Rs Overview

The key to resin flooring success is more than just good preparation or the right product. To guarantee the best outcome on a project, every stage must be considered carefully and tackled properly.

A car showroom might’ve been superbly prepared and a great product used to create a mirror white finish, but if the specification ignored the floor-to-ceiling windows and threat of UV, it will have a big problem.

Likewise, a good specification that leads to a suitable flooring system in a commercial kitchen is a great start, but if the contractor hasn’t done relevant training and doesn’t have the right gear, the chances of defects will soar.   

This holistic approach to resin flooring and the stages involved have become known as the Five Rs, which are:   

  1. The Right Specification
  2. The Right Flooring System
  3. The Right Preparation
  4. The Right Contractor
  5. The Right Process Management

The goal of Resin Flooring International is to develop the Five Rs into a practical resource for the resin flooring industry – a blueprint that can be used by all contractors, manufacturers and specifiers to help get the best possible results in the flooring projects they take on.

While some basic elements of each stage have been listed as a starting point, we are seeking constructive feedback from industry stakeholders on what should be included in the Five Rs. To view each of the five individual stages and add comments, please use the menu on the right or click on the links in the list above.

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