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Two resin flooring contractors inspecting the flatness of a concrete floor.

The Right Preparation

Preparation is often assumed as standard for the various types of flooring systems, however, with the unpredictability of field work and the fact that more than one type of preparation is possible, it needs to be officially ticked off at some point.

The right preparation, therefore, boils down to checking the proposed preparation actually lines up with the products and site conditions during the all-important site inspection. It also involves making sure everything else that can come into play with floor preparation has been properly addressed. 

The following elements should be considered for effective preparation:

Power & Lighting
Coating Removal
Slab Strength
Slab Damage
Slab Flatness
Joints & Saw Cuts
Falls to Drains
Floor Height

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to add your thoughts on what effective preparation should involve. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive.

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