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Broadcast Systems


Broadcast flooring systems are the result of combining thin-film rollcoats with a broadcast material – sand and aluminium oxide for functional non-slip floors, or, flake and coloured quartz for more decorative applications. These types of floors range from medium through to heavy-duty, and have a total dry film thickness anywhere between 500-3000 microns/20-120 mils.

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to select and apply a suitable broadcast flooring system, taking into consideration conditions, substrate and project requirements.

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • The different types of broadcast media and their suitability for various flooring applications.
  • The product selection and application process for flake floor.
  • The product selection and application process for a functional non-slip floor.

Practical Assessment Criteria


  • The effective application of a flake flooring system.
  • The effective application of a non-slip flooring system using a partial broadcast.
  • The effective application of a non-slip flooring system using a full/saturated broadcast.

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions you think will improve this element of training and provide a short explanation if possible. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive for this element.

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Mike Lenk wrote:
15 Sep '17 2:33pm
Excellent and well presented information.
Jay Barstow wrote:
31 Jan '17 8:40am
Don't forget relative cleanability and how to tone down or up the surface roughness ... topcoats also have a bearing on chemical and abrasion resistance ...
Akis Apostolopoulos wrote:
25 Jan '17 10:28am
I think an important aspect to discuss would be the pros and cons of broadcasting machines and how they can impact the work done.

Also another important point would be to discuss surface defects that appear in broadcast systems after completion