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Framework Overview

The goal of this framework is to construct the basis for a resin flooring training program that’s recognised internationally and can be adopted locally by countries right around the world.

The following nine stages have been identified in the completion of this process:

Stage 1 - Develop proposed framework and consult industry on the original composition of the 10 core elements.

Stage 2 - Convert framework into a pilot training program that can be conducted online and in classrooms (where local training is possible).

Stage 3 - Expand pilot training program into a full course with practical assessment.

Stage 4 - Develop a "train the trainers" program to assist local trainers deliver the course in a consistent manner.

Stage 5 - Partner with entities that would like to customise and deliver the course in their country.

Stage 6 - Assist international partners establish a local resin flooring industry and industry representation if required by local governments.

Stage 7 - Develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program to help specifiers, architects and designers produce effective specifications.

Stage 8 - Develop consumer education programs to raise the profile of resin flooring and help consumers understand more about its capabilities and limitations.

Stage 9 - Conduct an industry-wide review after 3 years to evaluate progress, update framework and confirm future direction.

We are currently in stage one, which means we are seeking constructive feedback on core elements of a resin flooring training program. To view the individual elements and add comments, please use the menu on the right.

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Holger Sass wrote:
28 Feb '17 10:03am
For us as manufacturer and supplier the different Standards are very often a barrier!
Alan Swann wrote:
23 Dec '16 4:16am
Excellent approach to a growing industry, looking forward to learning and understanding more about all aspects of the epoxy world .
Adeleke Olufemi wrote:
15 Dec '16 11:53pm
How many years it can take to learn the application.
Lee Parkinson wrote:
13 Dec '16 5:46am
I find supervision is key in achieving success on applications and with all the knowledge required failure would still occur due to risk taking. There are occasions, however much qualified people are, during application they can be so busy obvious errors occur or dare I say risky short cuts are taken. I believe there are different levels of expertise required on site. The hands on skill to apply the coatings in its artform whilst a supervisor should be present with the technical qualification and experience of the materials and know their limits. He would also control applications to ensure key stages are completed to the standard requried.
Dan Kowalski
Dan Kowalski wrote:
26 Nov '16 2:55pm
Brilliant. Thank-you for establishing the groundwork for quality Resin Flooring installation. This can only benefit our future, and our future customers.
22 Nov '16 4:17pm
List certification programs throughout the world.
22 Nov '16 4:15pm
It would be great to include a section on problem avoidance, Solutions and remediation.