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Substrate Preparation


This module covers the standard methods of surface preparation with respect to resin flooring. This includes the mechanical profiling of concrete, as well as degreasing and sanding between coats.

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to use the most suitable surface preparation method depending on the condition of the substrate and the coating system applied.

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • The process of cleaning a contaminated substrate.
  • The process of acid etching and its suitability as a form of surface preparation.
  • The process of dustless diamond grinding, including diamond selection and dust collection, and its suitability as a form of surface preparation.
  • The process of shot blasting and its suitability as a form of surface preparation.
  • The process of scabbling and its suitability as a form of surface preparation.
  • The process of sanding and its suitability as a form of surface preparation.

Practical Assessment Criteria


  • The safe and effective use of each surface preparation method.

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions you think will improve this element of training and provide a short explanation if possible. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive for this element.

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Jay Barstow wrote:
25 Jan '17 8:14pm
As I see it, the goal here is the proper pairing of a coating system with an appropriate prep in consideration of the service environment, aesthetic goals and budget ... far beyond the scope of the "all you have to do is" agenda of many supplier/manufacturers ...
John Kazalonis wrote:
24 Jan '17 1:12am
I would like to see SAFETY included as both a "section" and as a component of each section/discussion.
Haydn Reynolds wrote:
24 Jan '17 12:20am
I have some contractor-friendly training documents that I have used to train contractors who want something more than basic training, but not a document that is written above their heads.

I can make this available you because it covers all these facets of 'Surface Preparation'. Alternatively i can extract the information and separate it out to fit into the format you have set out. It is currently in a PowerPoint designed for face-to-face training. Floorex introduced the CSP profile standards for concrete floors into Australia for general use around 16 years ago as the AS was completely useless to the contractor.
Lee Parkinson wrote:
13 Dec '16 6:06am
The reason for preparation. Adhesion and the affect of weak boundary layers.
Rodney van Eck wrote:
12 Dec '16 10:34am
I like it. However I would like to see 'contamination' defined. Different means of contamination require different means of surface prep ie. from friable, dusty, cement laitance to de-icing damage to heavy oil and other chemical contamination (sugars, dyes, acids etc.)
Tom Murphy wrote:
9 Dec '16 5:35pm
We at in the final stages of completing a rewrite/upgrade to the Joint NACE/SSPC concrete surface preparation standard. There is some great information in this document. In addition, SSPC is developing a series of standards for each concrete surface preparation method. The first in the process is abrasive blasting to three different levels of cleanliness. Pull from these consensus documents to populate this site.