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Substrate Priming


This module covers the application of “pre-flooring” coatings such as primers, sealers and moisture barriers, which are generally applied at less than 200 microns/8 mils total dry film thickness. In some cases, these products can be considered light-duty floors, aimed at occasional foot traffic, e.g. rubber-wheeled trolleys. 

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to select and apply a suitable primer, sealer or moisture barrier, taking into consideration conditions, substrate and resin flooring system used.

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • Why primers, sealers and moisture barriers are used and the roles they play.
  • The product selection and application process for primers, sealers and moisture barriers.
  • The importance of re-coat window in the application of these products (and resin flooring in general).
  • The importance of achieving full coverage in the application of these products (and resin flooring in general) and how to detect areas of insufficient coverage.

Practical Assessment Criteria


  • The effective application of suitable primers, sealers and moisture barriers.

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions you think will improve this element of training and provide a short explanation if possible. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive for this element.

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Vaughan Weedon wrote:
8 Feb '17 5:37am
i feel a high soilds content in a primer helps on a number of levels with moisture and as well as preventing bubbles, blows etc. your thoughts?