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Thin-film Rollcoats


This module covers light to medium-duty flooring options that are applied by roller or spray and able withstand testing traffic such as forklifts. Total dry film is typically between 200-800 microns/8-32 mils and finishes can be clear, pigmented or even fibre-reinforced. 

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to select and apply a suitable flooring system with multiple rollcoats, taking into consideration conditions, substrate and project requirements.

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • The typical capabilities and limitations of thin-film rollcoat systems with respect to properties such as finish, speed, wear/chemical/impact/thermal resistance etc.
  • The product selection and application process for clear rollcoat systems.
  • The product selection and application process for single, solid-colour rollcoat systems, including fibre-reinforced.

Practical Assessment Criteria


  • The ability to prepare a floor area for rollcoat application, including suitable surface preparation, taping, transitions etc.
  • The effective application of a clear rollcoat system.
  • The effective application of a single, solid-colour rollcoat system.
  • The ability to patch or over-coat an existing resin floor with a rollcoat system.

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions you think will improve this element of training and provide a short explanation if possible. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive for this element.

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Haydn Reynolds wrote:
24 Jan '17 5:24am
I can make information contained in our training PowerPoint available to you, Jack, that covers all this, written from

the perspective of being contractor friendly, but from a Coating Preparation Specialists viewpoint.
Ryan Donaldson wrote:
6 Jan '17 1:31am
I would also recommend a section regarding ability to control environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, air movement, etc) that can affect the installation and final outcome of a floor system.

Also perhaps a section discussing the ADA requirements for C.O.F. for pedestrian walkways.