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Trowel-applied Systems


The focus of this module is the heavy-duty flooring systems that provide various levels of wear, impact and thermal resistance. These systems are typically trowelled into place at thicknesses greater than 5mm/200 mils and occasionally have thin-film rollcoats applied on top for non-slip properties. Set downs with falls to drains are also a common feature in these applications.

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to select and apply a suitable trowel-applied flooring system, taking into consideration conditions, substrate and project requirements. 

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • Why trowel-applied systems are used and the roles they play in protecting against wear, impact and thermal shock.
  • The suitable aggregate options for creating trowel-applied flooring systems and the properties achieved with different blending ratios.
  • How to calculate the total volume of resin and aggregate required – dry and mixed.

Practical Assessment Criteria


  • The design and effective application of a trowel-applied flooring system to achieve a flat, even finish.
  • The design and effective application of a trowel-applied flooring system to create falls to a drain.

The information above is intended as a starting point for discussion only. Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions you think will improve this element of training and provide a short explanation if possible. Your comments will be added to the other industry feedback we receive for this element.

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Are there hands on classes? I one of those kind of people learn faster hands on.